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Print Van Paris, a traveling silkscreen workshop

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There are trucks that convert to kitchens and buses to libraries. But did you know the van converted into an introductory screen printing workshop? Oschon Wespi-Tschopp, an American in Paris for a year, made his dream come true in the summer of 2014 with the help of his partner Simon Roché, a trade serigraph: converting an old ice truck into a traveling silkscreen shop. He gave it a name: the Print Van Paris. I go to shake his hand (to Oschon, not the truck). It is raining. I forgot my umbrella again. I raise my collar, push my hands into the depths of my pockets, lower my head, and set off to discover the Print Van, which has put its handbrake at BHV for the weekend. When I arrive, I look up on a piece of summer. A piece of California coast that would have halted in Paris. The van is green as grass and seems haloed with a bright halo with strings of light. An air of reggae escapes from the doors. I’m no longer in Paris, but by the sea one summer evening. When I say the name of the owner, Oschon (pronounced as “ocean” in English), the sound of the waves rolling on the sand slips into my ears. His smile finished warming me up. Oschon’s smile is so big that when he lights it, his eyes go out. I almost forget the winter, I have cravings for ice cream.

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