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Pompidou Center – Ernest Mancoba

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In order to stage the Pompidou Center exhibition dedicated to the South African artist, a forgotten member of the avant-garde movement CoBrA, curator Alicia Knock tracked her lost works.

The exhibition of Ernest Mancoba, organized from June 26 at the Center Pompidou, in Paris, is the fruit of a nice chance. To defend the purchase, in 2017, of a work by Kemang Wa Lehulere, the young Beaubourg curator Alicia Knock details to her superiors the affiliation of this young South African darling. And to quote the tutelary figure of Ernest Mancoba, forgotten member of CoBrA, this avant-garde movement which, in the 1950s, favored automatic expression and chromatic freedom. It is said that the museum is planning an exhibition of his wife, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, in the graphic arts cabinet. Alicia Knock immediately suggests showing her husband at the same time, as the couple was united in art as in life.

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