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Floating cities and urban chaos: Swoon, the famous street artist finally exposed in Paris

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Always involved, the American, develops works from fragile materials, welded together by meetings. An art of resilience in the service of a collective intelligence, which is currently exposed in Paris.

She has a little stellar side. Swoon maintains an almost spiritual connection with the forces of nature, and water in particular. The one who grew up in Florida, between swamps and mangroves, lived for a while on makeshift rafts and landed at the Brooklyn Museum in 2014 with her exhibition Submerged Motherlands, was perhaps predestined to invest the new floating art center that has just to open in Paris. In the hold of Fluctuart, one goes along the walls of his installation as the banks of a river, to better understand the roots of this plastic artist philanthropist, the only woman to appear on the list of the ten greatest street artists worldwide.

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