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“Coup de Foudre” by Fabrice Hyber and Nathalie Talec

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On the occasion of the COUP DE FOUDRE exhibition at the Fondation EDF space in Paris in March-October 2019, Fabrice Hyber and Nathalie Talec, who have become HyberTalec, an electric duo without any discomfort, propose a wild crossing of emotions. The energy of love at first sight comes in the form of an effervescent meeting between artists and visitors, in a journey of emotional and artistic experiences.

Exhibition with four hands to live like an exquisite corpse, COUP DE FOUDRE is a chain reaction, an abundance of artistic proposals: from the dance floor to the cabins of emotions, from the pavilions of sensations to the rooms of amazement, the visitors are the witnesses of a glittering encounter between artists and are themselves transported by an electrifying fury in immersive spaces.

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